Video of the Day: Pokemon Theme Song

February 1, 2011

You may be asking “why”? The real question is simply, “Why not”?

Watch it, the 4 year old in you will like it.


Video of the Day: Epic Dead Space Death

January 31, 2011

So, in honor of Dead Space 2 being released recently, this video of the day showcases one of the most hilarious deaths you can have happen to you in the original Dead Space. Give it a look.

Video of the Day: Mega64 Batman Arkham Asylum

January 3, 2011

Todays video of the day is of Mega64. If you don’t know who they are, they are people who run around in public dressed as game character reenacting games. Beautiful concept with hilarious results. This one is of Batman: Arkham Asylum, and if any one has played this game, it’ll bring a smile to your face. Watch.

Video of the Day: Black Ops Mythbusters Episode 1

November 30, 2010

So, many rumors float around popular games, and we know that they aren’t always true. Defend the House, a machinima group, is out to prove which of those rumors are true, and which are false. Their latest installment is on Black Ops. The ending myth is epic. Look at it.

Video of the Day: The Bag Boy

November 29, 2010

More Halo 3 Machinima! Todays is by SmoothFewFilms,creaters of some great Halo machinimas. This is one of their older works, but it is still great none the less. Give it a look see.

Video of the Day: No Scope was Invloved

November 28, 2010

If you never heard of the seresi “Matchmaking”, you are really missing out. It’s a Halo 3 Machinima series that follows two friends, Travis and Vine, through their adventures in Halo 3 Matchmaking. This episode, “No Scope was Involved” is my favorite of the series, and I wish it happened everytime I got a no scope.

Give it a look.

Video of the Day: GTA Hard

November 16, 2010

We all love GTA Machinima, right? IT’s always full of cool chases, action scenes, and TONS of explosions. Todays video is no exception, but it does it in a very stylish way. While essentially just an action montage in GTA IV, it is very well done with beautiful camera angles, and plently of slomo shots. Give it a look.